Creation of Man

Object Lesson: Man, a Created Being
A LUMP OF CLAY OR PLAY-DOUGH: To illustrate creation of man. Man is unique, made in the image of God from the dust of the earth. God made a perfect man. Sin distorted man. When you are working with clay, it is at first hard, cold and stiff. But as you work with it, the warmth of your hands will make it pliable.
Jeremiah sees God as a “potter” who molds and shapes us into what He wants us to be.
As we allow God in His love, to work in us to mold us, we will become soft and pliant. We will take the shape that God designs for us.
Sin in our lives will distort the creation that God intended. Sin will separate us from God.
Away from the warmth of our hands, the clay becomes stiff and difficult to mold. It easily breaks into pieces.
Just in the same way when we separate ourselves from God’s hand on us, we become stiff and brittle and can easily be broken.
When we stay close to God and His love, He will mold us according to His good plan for us

Download this object lesson (PDF printable format): Man, a created being PDF

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