Illustrate the Spirit of God in us:

Object Lesson to illustrate God’s Spirit in us

Part 1

A GLOVE: God breathed into man to give him life.
Show a glove. Talk about it, shake it. The glove is not able to do anything by itself.
When you put your hand in it, the glove does whatever your hand does.
This is like the human being. God formed man from the dust of the earth, but man did not become a “living soul” until god breathed LIFE into him. It is the life from God that gives us the ability to do anything.
A hand in a glove represents God in us. We can do anything when God empowers us.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Download this object lesson (PDF printable format):  Part1

Part 2

You will need two identical balloons. One is filled with air the other is filled with helium. Attach a length of string to each. Hold both balloons in your hand by the stems and show them to the class. Talk about them comparing size, color etc. The two balloons look identical. We cannot see any significant difference until we let them go. What makes them different is what is inside them. Helium inside it will make one balloon rise to the ceiling and the other will simply fall to the ground. We recognize the difference because of what they do.
In the Bible there were various characters that were recognized to have the Spirit of God in them. These rose above their peers because of their actions. Joseph was acknowledged by the Egyptian Pharaoh and was made second in command in the land. Daniel was recognized by King Nebuchadnezzar and was elevated above all the other wise men in the land. Caleb was said to have a “different spirit.”
The Spirit of God in us should be evident by our actions to those around us.

Download this object lesson (PDF printable format):  Part2

Part 3

Stay in Touch
Have group choose a partner. Partners need to face each other holding hands up but not quite touching. One of the pair them must begin to move their hands around. The other partner must follow the movements as closely as they can.
Next the pair is asked to touch their hands together and repeat the exercise. Then compare situations.
When out of touch, it can become very difficult to follow each other. When touching, it is easy to follow another’s moves accurately. In fact, when you are in touch, it is difficult to tell who is leading.
A Christian is to be led by the Spirit of God. We need to stay close to God in order to be led by Him and the closest we can be is to have His Spirit in us. Then we become one with Him and it becomes very natural to be led by Him.

Download this object lesson (PDF printable format):  Part3

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