Washed by the Word

Object Lesson: Washed by the Word
One of the first things one does for a newborn infant is washing it. Often children resist washing. They don’t like getting wet or scrubbed. They don’t want to leave their play to go have a bath or to wash their hands. Sometimes they don’t care if they are dirty. But Mom cares. She loves the child and will insist on the washing. A child that is clean and smells nice is preferable to one that is left in a dirty diaper. And so begins a whole lifetime of many washings with water. We wash in order to be presentable.
The Bible tells us about washing as well. One story tells how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples . In Ephesians 5, the Bible tells us that we are washed by the Word to make us presentable to God. The Word works on us to change us. It helps us to remove bad habits and attitudes and sins. God wants us to have His character.

Download this object lesson (PDF printable format): Washed by the Word PDF

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