You are the Light of the World

Object Lesson: You are the Light of the World
A LIGHT BULB: use a small lamp with a bare bulb and place it near an electrical outlet. Don’t plug it in.
This light bulb gives no light. It has the potential to give light but it cannot give light until it is plugged into an energy source.
If we are going to be the light of the world as the Bible says, then we must be plugged into the power source. The power source for us is The Word of God.
It is the Word of God that brings light and understanding to others around us. We have the potential of sharing that Word but first we must have a knowledge and understanding of the Word and ways of God. That is why we need to read the Bible and spend time getting to know God. That is how we stay “plugged in.”

Download this object lesson (PDF printable format):  You are the Light of the World PDF

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