Who is Jesus – The Birth of a Savior

Series: Who is Jesus

Theme: Jesus, the Son of God

Lesson Number: 2 of 4

Lesson Title: The Birth of a Savior

Memory Verse: Isaiah 9:6; For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Lesson Plan: lesson plan Birth of a Savior   To download and print this entire lesson click on links below
Make a gift package with cards inside spelling CHRISTMAS. Use the cards to tell a story of the birth of Christ.
C is for Child. Our memory verse tells us that a child is born a son is given. Jesus is the child, the son. He is the gift of Christmas.
H is for HEAVEN. The gift comes from heaven. Jesus the Son of God was given to us to save us from sin and death that results from sin. Only the Son from Heaven could pay the price.
R is for READING. The promise of Isaiah 9:6 was written seven hundred years before Jesus was born. The people in the time of Jesus birth could understand who this child was and what He would become by reading the promise in the scriptures. We have these same scriptures. We can read the promise from God and we can read the story of Jesus birth in Luke 2. (Read Luke 2:1-20)
I is for INN. When Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem, there was no room for them in the local INN. The Innkeeper made a place for them IN the stable and there Jesus was born. Just like the Innkeeper, we need to make a place for Jesus in our heart.
S is for SACRIFICE. In Old Testament Law, the people were required to make a sacrifice to God when a child was born. (Luke 2:22-24) This Sacrifice was to be a lamb or if the people were poor the sacrifice could be two doves. The parents were required to go to the temple in Jerusalem to offer their sacrifice.
T is for TEMPLE. The temple was in Jerusalem. When the baby boy was forty days old, the parents made the trip to the temple to offer their sacrifice.
M is for Mary the mother of Jesus. Mary and Joseph must have been poor. The sacrifice they selected to bring was two turtle doves.
There were two people in Jerusalem who noticed. (Luke 2:25-40)
The last 2 letters A & S are for these two people. A is for Anna and S is for Simeon. They were both very old and had been waiting for the promised gift of God for a very long time. One very old man named Simeon came to the temple when the Mary and Joseph brought the baby to make an offering. Simeon had listened to God and believed the Promise. He knew when to come to the temple to see this special child. He took the child in his arms and blessed him. God had promised him that he would see the Promised one before he died.
Anna was an old widow woman who had prayed for many years that God would send the Savior.

lesson write-up:The Birth of a Savior  lesson plan: lesson plan Birth of a Savior

craft page: gift box pattern

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