Teen Talks – Jacob Negotiates With God

Series: Lessons From Leaders

Theme: Learn From Jacob

Lesson Title: Jacob Negotiates With God

Lesson Number: 2 of 4

Lesson: To print this lesson, (pdf format) click here;   Jacob Negotiates With God

MEMORY VERSE: Philippians 4:19; My God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
Genesis 28:1-22; (Have someone read this chapter from the Bible)
Jacob had to flee from Esau after their father had given Jacob the blessing that would normally go to the older son. Esau was angry and wanted to kill Jacob. His parents told him, “go to the land of his mother’s family, to her brother. Take a wife there and stay there until Esau forgets his anger.”
So Jacob set out alone. The first night he stopped to rest and he lay down using a stone as a pillow.
Jacob had a dream. He saw a ladder, it’s top reaching heaven. On it were angels going up and down and he saw the Lord at the top. The Lord spoke to him and made the same promises to him that he had made to his grandfather Abraham. God also promised to watch over him and to bring him back to the land he had promised to give to his family.
This was probably the first time Jacob had a personal encounter with God. He had heard his father and mother and probably his grandfather, talk about their encounters with God. Up until now Jacob must have just accepted what others told him. Now he had his own experience with God! Jacob heard God speaking directly to him and the first thing he did was make an altar to worship God. He acknowledged what God said to him and he made a vow, (promise) based on what God had told him. This is a covenant.
Jacob said that if God would watch over him, provide for him, give him food and clothing and bring him back home, he would serve God and give him back one tenth of all that God gave him.
Later on in the story of Jacob we find out that, yes’ God did provide for him. Jacob became wealthy and eventually he went back home and reconciled with his brother. God kept His promise to Jacob.
Sometimes people want to negotiate with God. Often people wait until they get into trouble to ask God for help. Sometimes they make promises that they may not intend to keep. They might promise to go to church every week, or to be a better person in some way.
God wants to help us and take care of us but He wants us to ask in Faith. He wants us to “Believe” what He said and that He keeps his promises. Our memory verse today is one of God’s promises to take care of us. He said He would meet our needs and we can ask, knowing that He will do so. Many of God’s promises have a condition. He expects something from us. He expects us to believe Him and trust Him. And if we make a promise to Him in return, then He expects us to keep our promise as well.
How well do you know God? Do you know Him well enough to know that God always keeps His promises? Do you know Him only because others have told you about Him, or have you had a personal encounter with Him? Have you heard God speaking directly to you? Can you trust that God loves you and wants to provide for you as He did for Jacob?
You can know God in this way if you will seek Him. Read Psalm 119. It describes the kind of relationship God wants to have with you and how to get there.

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