Who Is Jesus – Lessons From the Parables

Series: Who is Jesus

Theme: Jesus, the Teacher

Lesson Number: 3 of 4

Lesson Title: Lessons From the Parables

Memory Verse: John 14:6; Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Lesson Plan: lesson plan  To download and print this lesson, (pdf format) click on links below.
Matthew 7:24-27; Jesus often told stories to illustrate His teaching. One of these is about two builders who each built a house. One man built his house along the seashore. It was a beautiful house with a lovely view of the sea. But when a storm came, the sand under his house began to move and sink and the house was destroyed by the wind and the waves. The other man built his house on the rock. It probably took him a long time to make. He would have to work very hard to lay his foundation for his house. What do you suppose happened to his house when the storm came? His house was strong and on a solid foundation. The rock on which his house was built did not wash away like the sand. His house did not fall down or wash away. In fact his house became a warm shelter for his family in the storm.
When Jesus taught His stories or parables, there was always a “meaning” to the story. Jesus wanted people to remember the lesson from the story. The stories are easy to remember but we also need to remember the lesson from the story. Jesus explained the meaning of this story about the builders.
(Have the children read this scripture and try to discover the “meaning”) Jesus said “those who HEAR His words and PUT THEM INTO PRACTICE” are like the man who built on the rock. Those who HEAR His words but do NOT PUT THEM INTO PRACTICE”, are like the man who built on the sand.
What does PUTTING INTO PRACTICE mean? It means DOING what He said. Both the wise and the foolish man HEARD what He said but only the wise man DID WHAT HE SAID.
How can we be like that wise man who builds on the rock? What are some of the things that Jesus has said to us? (Allow children to share some of what they have learned. Ie. Believe and trust God, Obey your parents, Love one another, have a good attitude, be kind, obey the commandments etc.) We have heard these lessons now it is up to us to do what Jesus has taught.
(If time permits, read another of the parables and discover the MEANING or lesson from it.)

Lesson Plan: lesson plan  Lesson write-up: lessons from the parables Activity page 1: activity 1

Activity page 2: activity 2

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