God Made Colors

GOD MADE COLORS – Toddler Lesson
Series: Creation
Theme: God made light appear
Lesson Number: 4 of 4

Lesson Plan: 4a lesson plan-God made colors  To download and print this entire lesson, click on links below.
Bible Verse: Genesis 9: 13; God said, I have set my rainbow in the clouds.
Teacher’s note: (Genesis chapters 6-9; is the story of how God covered the whole earth with water, destroying those who had been wicked and disobedient. In this lesson the focus should be on the fact that God loves all people and He wants us to love Him too.)
In the beginning, God made many people and He made a beautiful earth for people to enjoy. But many people forgot about God. They forgot that God loved them and they forgot to love each other. They began to do wicked things. There was only one person who remembered God and loved Him. His name was Noah. He wanted to do what was kind and good. He wanted to obey God. One day God told Noah, “I am going to send a big flood. Water will cover the whole earth and destroy everything. I want you to build an ark to protect you and your family.”
Noah obeyed God. He made a big boat just the way God told him. Then he filled the boat with lots of food so he and his family and all the animals that God brought to live on the ark. When it was time, Noah and his family went into the boat and God closed the door. God sent rain for many days and water covered everything. Everyone in the ark was safe. After forty days the rain stopped and the water began to dry up. Noah and his family and all the animals had to stay on the ark for a long time until the land was dry again. ( Do you sometimes have to stay inside when it is too wet or too cold to go out and play?)
Finally the land was dry. Everyone came outside. The ground was dry. The sun was shining and there was lots of fresh new grass for the animals. Noah and his family said thank you God for keeping us safe. Then when they looked at the sky they saw a beautiful rainbow. God said, “I have put my rainbow in the clouds.” “I promise never again will the water cover the whole earth to destroy everything. The rainbow will be a sign for you. When you see the rainbow in the sky, remember the promise.”
Have you ever seen a rain-bow in the sky? God still puts a rain-bow in the sky sometimes after it rains. We need to remember that when it rains, God will not let the whole earth be covered with a flood again. God cares about us and He cares about everything He has made.
PRAYER: Thank you God for taking care of Noah and his family. Thank you for the rainbow and your promise. Thank you for keeping us safe too.

lesson plan: 4a lesson plan-God made colors lesson write-up: 4b lesson-God made colors

activity page: 4c pic rainbow  songs: Jesus Loves the Little Children    

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