Music for children’s lessons

I will try to make available sheet music for songs I have suggested in lessons.                                                Here are songs for toddler lesson Creation Series. Just click on the links below.                                                I will add to this list as I find them.


My God is so Big

this is the day

Praise Him

Jesus Loves the Little Children

zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man

The Wise Man Built His House upon The Rock

God is so Good

head and shoulders

I love him better every D A Y

if you’re happy

I’ve got the joy

jesus in the morning

no one exactly like me

o be careful

obedience is..

a b c d e f g (song)

oh how I love Jesus


rejoice in the Lord always

The B I B L E


twinkle star song

father abraham p1    father abraham p2

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