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Occasionally I receive a request for help for specific lessons. I appreciate these requests because they give me ideas for new material. However by the time I can put together a lesson for you, it may be too late for your class. So I see a need to teach how to put together a lesson for your own use. The best way for me to help you in this is to show you how I put together a lesson.

First of all I need to know, who am I teaching? Know the age of the group or individuals being taught.       Then I need to know something about the time-frame, and structure of the class.                                             Is this a Sunday school or Vacation Bible school or home school or day care or teen or adult class?       Where is the class being taught? What resources are available?

Then I look for a theme. Is this a single lesson or part of a larger theme?                                                           If it is part of a larger theme, how many lessons do I need? For example, the lessons I have posted on Sample Lessons are all part of the theme “Who is Jesus”.                                                                                             In order to create these lessons I first designed a calendar with a sub-theme for each month.                      The  10 month calendar  shows the overall plan for the theme with a single lesson for each week.

Then I begin to create the individual lessons. For this I begin with a template. The template was created with an excel program. My page is divided into segments of time. Each segment is then filled in with the necessary parts of the lesson. Keep in mind that students learn with all their senses and children need to be active, stimulated and involved. The individual segments of the lesson template can cover all these needs and every segment should be lesson related. For example: when meeting the child’s need for a snack, look for one that can enhance the lesson. Then as the children are enjoying the snack I have opportunity to repeat part of a Bible story or a lesson theme or a memory verse.                                                                                        Every toy and activity in the class should be one that can be used as an object lesson or a teaching tool.

To make it easier for you I can share the Lesson plan template     I use. If you download the template in Word format you should be able to type your information into it. I always keep a blank copy of the template for a new lesson. You can also just do this on a sheet of paper. If you are preparing a lesson for the next week, I suggest that you put your template sheet on a bulletin board and as the week of planning progresses you can add your ideas as God gives them to you. I look for ideas everywhere. (story books, coloring books, craft books, cook books toys, games, etc.)

First fill in your lesson theme and title. In the lesson area fill in a scripture and basic information about the Bible story. In a memory verse section add a scripture verse relating to the theme or story.                       Think about some interesting way to help children to memorize the verse and add this in the segment.     Then find some appropriate songs or music to fit your theme and add them to a “Praise and Worship” segment. Then look for some lesson related activities to fill in the time when children first arrive in the classroom and the time at the end of the class when you are waiting for parents to pick them up. Beginning and end of the class time are segments where you can easily lose control of the class if you are not well prepared. Use these times wisely and the children will go home with the theme of the class in their hearts instead of thoughts about how another child took their toy! Include a lesson application. Pray with the children and help them discover specific ways to practice at home what they learn in the class.

I trust this will help you.                                                                                                                                  ANN

4 thoughts on “Creating A Lesson

  1. Hi Ann, am so blessed to found this website, we just started this church (Lost Soul Ministry, Lakena Hill 2, Nausori, Fiji Islands) and im abit struggled with my sunday school lessons due to the lack of teaching materials and also due to financial aim is to share the gospel to the children and show them how God loved us so much…i know that these are the last days and our kids need to know who Jesus is..before He returns…I’ve started with the creation and I printed out pictures from DLTK’s website and thats all because I cant afford to print out more for other lessons and I’m praying for my teaching materials., I’m teaching teaching 3-7 years old..I have only six children in my class and we start at please need your help with my lessons plan…i just jump from topic to topic but when i came through your website and i saw your lesson plan, it’s awesome and i really liked it..i read your Teacher Teaching: Creating a Lesson, and it helps me alot, and please need more advises..Looking forward to your reply..

    Laulagi Taomia


    • Hi Laulagi
      I praise God that you are finding this material useful.
      It is for folks like you that He has impressed it on my heart to create these lessons.
      If you are doing a half hour lesson, you can still use the same format for the lesson plan.
      Just make each segment shorter, or spread the segments over two or three weeks.
      You can also repeat segments for a few weeks.
      For example use the songs for several weeks. Young children especially like repetition.
      I especially love the creation theme for young children because it shows them how to appreciate God’s goodness in everything they see around them.Check out the creation series on this web site.
      More of these are to follow soon. Be blessed in your teaching and I pray that the children develop a personal relationship with their creator.


      • Hi Ann,

        I am very blessed to have found your website. I am from another island in the pacific, the Marshall Islands. We also have problems with teaching materials for our Sunday School children. I really like how you are map out the themes with a series of lessons under each theme. This makes children more focused on what they are learning rather than jump from topic to topic like we always do here.
        Right now I am trying to come up with a curriculum for our Sunday School that every Sunday School teacher can follow and use. I have been searching and I like yours the most.



  2. Thank you Ann for availing much needed sunday school teaching material,plans etc,etc.I have actually come in to teach Sunday school after more than 20 yrs.Am trying to find my way around to meet the demands of this age.I find your plans very helpful
    I am able to set up a simple format to follow

    Mere Tamani


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