Day 2 – God Made the Wind

Series: Creation

Theme: Day 2- God Made the Sky

Lesson Number: 2 of 4

Lesson Title: God Made the Wind

Bible Verse: Psalm 150:6; Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Lesson Plan: lesson plan-God made the wind To download and print this entire lesson, click on links below.
Exodus ch. 14 & 15 God’s People needed to cross a big sea. Pharaoh was chasing them and they needed to escape. How would they get across? The water was deep and wide. They did not have a boat and they could not swim across. God would help them. God sent a big wind. The wind blew very hard and blew away the water. He made a dry path for them across the water. So God’s people walked to the other side. Then when everyone was on the other side, the wind stopped and the water came back. Now Pharaoh could not follow them. He could not catch them. God’s people were safe. They had a big celebration! They sang praises to the Lord.
God’s people used their breath and their voices to praise the Lord just like our memory verse said we should do. They said Thank you to God for helping them.
That is what God wants us to do too. When your mommy or daddy helps you, do you say “Thank you?” You use your voice and your breath to say “thank you.” God likes it when we say “thank you” to Him too! That is one way to Praise Him.

lesson plan: lesson plan-God made the wind                                      lesson write-up:  lesson plan-God made the wind   coloring page: kite  craft: windsock                                                                                     For music for this lesson, click on songs.

Lesson Plan:

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