God Made the Rain – toddler lesson

Series: Creation

Theme: Day 2 – God Made the sky

Lesson Number: 3 of 4

Lesson Title: God Washed the Earth

Bible Verse: Genesis 9:13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds.

Lesson Plan: lesson plan- God made the rain to download and print this entire lesson, click on links below.
Genesis 1: 6; tells us that God made the sky. Sometimes when we look at the sky that God made, we see rain. That day we might need to play inside. If you go outside you need boots and raincoat or an umbrella. The rain comes from the clouds that God put into the sky. Then when the rain stops sometimes we can see a beautiful rainbow. (Show a picture of a rainbow) Have you ever seen a rainbow in the sky? When the rain stops everything is fresh and clean and we can go outside to play again.
God gave us the rainbow long ago and He made a special promise. A long time ago when the first people were on the earth, they forgot that God made them, they forgot about God and they became very wicked. They forgot to be kind to one another. God saw and He was sad. But there was one man who did not forget God. His name was Noah. God told Noah He would wash the whole earth clean again.
“I want you to build an ark,” said God, and Noah obeyed. It is important to obey God isn’t it! Noah followed the instructions carefully and made a big boat. Then God sent two of every animal and bird to come and live on the boat with Noah and his family. When everything was ready and everyone was on the boat, God sent a lot of rain. Water was everywhere. It rained for many days. Then the rain stopped. But Noah and all the animals had to stay on the boat for a long while yet because the whole earth was covered with water. Finally one day the ground was dry and everyone came out of the boat. When they looked around they saw that everything was washed clean and fresh and they said “thank You” to God because God took care of them. Then they saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. God said, “I will never send a flood like this to destroy the whole earth again.”
When God washed the earth with all that rain, it was something like when your mommy washes you. When your hands are dirty you need to wash them and when you get dirty all over, your mommy gives you a bath. Washing with water washes the outside of you. But did you know that people can be dirty on the inside too. The people in our story, who forgot God, were wicked and dirty on the inside. When people disobey God they are dirty on the inside. Water can only wash the outside. But God made a promise to send Jesus. Jesus can wash us on the inside.

lesson plan: lesson plan- God made the rain  lesson write-up: God washed the earth
activity 1: rainbow activity 2: Noah’s ark  activity 3: umbrella    For music for this lesson click on songs.


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