God Made the Sky – Toddler Lesson

Series: Creation

Theme: Day 2 – God Made the Sky

Lesson Number: 1 of 4

Lesson Title: God Made the Sky Memory Verse:

Bible Verse: Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God made (created) the heavens and the earth.

Lesson Plan: lesson plan-God made the sky To download and print this entire lesson see links below.
Genesis 1:6 -8 In the very beginning the whole world was all mixed up and it was very dark. What did God say then? (Help children to remember day 1 lessons.) God said “let there be light.” And what happened then? The light appeared. That was the very first day. But God had some more work to do. He wanted a beautiful place for people to live. He did not want everything to be mixed up.
So God made a special place to separate water above from water below. He called this special place “Sky.”
Can you see the Sky?
What color is it?
What can you see in the sky?
(If you can take the children outside or have them look through a window, have them describe what they see. Have them tell what kinds of things they might see in the sky. Talk about rain, snow etc.)
God made the special place called the sky for us to enjoy!

Teacher Tool Idea: create a felt board instructions  for these creation lessons. Cutout shapes of felt or fleece can be placed on the board by the teacher or the children as the lessons are taught.

lesson plan: lesson plan-God made the sky                                    lesson write-up: -God made the sky                                               picture cutouts: 1  sun, moon cutouts    2 rain, cloud cutouts                3  airplane kite cutouts    4  bird cutouts                                               For music for this lesson, click on songs link.

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