Series: Creation Series

Theme: Day 3 – God Made Land and Vegetation

Lesson Number: 3 of 4

Lesson Title: God Made Food

Bible Verse: Matthew 6:11

Lesson Plan: God made food lesson plan To download and print this entire lesson, go to links below.

Daniel: chapter 1
A long time ago, God made all kinds of food that grows on trees and in the ground. What are some of your favorite foods. (give examples of fruits and vegetables.) God told his people what they should eat. He told them which foods were good for them and which foods they should not eat. God wants His people to be healthy. (Does your mommy tell you to eat healthy food?)
The Bible tells a story about a boy named Daniel. Daniel loved God and wanted to obey Him. One day the king chose some boys for something very special. The king wanted to train these boys to be his special servants. Daniel was chosen to be one of these special servants. That sounds like a very special privilege. The king gave them the very best teachers and he gave them the best foods that his cooks could make. But this king did not know about God. He did not know how God had told His people about what foods they should eat. Some of the king’s food was not healthy food. Daniel wanted to obey God. What should he do?
Daniel had an idea! He asked the teacher to give him and his three friends, just vegetables to eat for ten days. He said, “after ten days, check us out to see if we are healthy”! The teacher agreed. So Daniel and his friends ate just healthy vegetables. Then after ten days the teacher checked them out and they were healthy and strong. Better than all the others in the group. So they continued to eat the healthy vegetables.
Our Bible verse today Matthew 6:11 “Give us this day our daily bread.” This verse reminds us that it is God who made our food grow. It is God who gives us our food. He makes fruits and vegetables and grains from which we can make bread. We need to remember to be thankful for the food He gives us. That is why when we sit down at the dinner table for our meal, we should say thank you to God.
We might say something like this: “For health and strength and daily food. We thank you God for you are good.”

lesson plan: God made food lesson plan lesson: God Made Food

little red hen: Little Red Hen story   2: story puppets

activity page:   apple    2: tree

For songs for this lesson go to SONGS  link.

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