Series: Creation Series

Theme: Day 3 – God Made Land and Vegetation

Lesson Number:2 of 4

Lesson Title: God Made Plants

Bible Verse: Genesis 1:11

Lesson Plan: God made plants lesson plan To download and print this entire lesson see links below.

Genesis 1:11 And God said, “Let the earth produce plants.”
Luke 19: 1-10 Did you ever climb up into a big tree. Trees are tall aren’t they! If you climb up into a tree, you can see very far. The Bible tells a story about someone who climbed up into a tree. Let’s find out why! (Read this story from a Bible or show a Bible and tuck this simple version of the story between the pages.)
Zacchaeus was a very rich man, but he was not a good man. He was not honest. He cheated the other people. That is how he became rich so other people did not like him. One day Zaccheaus heard that Jesus was coming to his town. He had heard about Jesus. He heard that Jesus did miracles for people, that he could make sick people well and blind people could see again. Jesus was very special and Zaccheaus wanted to see him. There was a big crowd of people in the street. Everyone wanted to see Jesus. Zaccheaus couldn’t see anything. He was too short! Jesus was in the center of the crowd and no one would move over to let Zaccheaus see! What could he do! Zaccheaus thought about that and had a great idea. He ran up along the road ahead of the crowd to a place where a big tree grew beside the street. He climbed up into that tree and waited until the crowd and Jesus came along. From way up there he would be able to see Jesus. Then the crowd came close and yes Zaccheaus could see Jesus in the center. Everyone was trying to get as close as they could to Jesus. Jesus looked like He was very busy talking to them all. The crowd came closer and closer until Jesus was right there just below where Zaccheaus sat in the tree. Then Jesus looked up and saw Zaccheaus. Jesus spoke to him. Jesus said, “Zaccheaus, come down from there! I want to visit you at your house!” Zaccheaus was surprised! How did Jesus know he was up in that tree and how did Jesus know his name! But Zaccheaus climbed down as fast as he could and he took Jesus to his house. Some of the people told Jesus that Zaccheaus was a bad man. But Jesus loved Zaccheaus and wanted to visit him anyway. That made Zaccheaus feel very happy. He told Jesus that he was sorry he had cheated the people and promised to give everything back. Then Zaccheaus became a nice man because he knew that Jesus loved him and would be his friend.

lesson plan: God made plants lesson plan  lesson: God made plants activity: daffodil

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