Series: Creation Series

Theme: Day 3 – God Made Land and Vegetation

Lesson Number: 4 of 4

Lesson Title: God Made Seeds

Bible Verse: Genesis 1:12

Lesson Plan: God made seeds lesson plan To download and print this entire lesson, go to links below.

Genesis 1: 12; And the land produced plants bearing seed.
God made plants to grow all over the earth that He made.
Bring a variety of seeds into the classroom Compare the seeds. Which ones are big and which ones are small? How do seeds grow?
Some seeds are good to eat. Peas are an example of seeds that are good to eat. Some seeds have a very hard shell that needs to be broken to get the part inside that is good to eat.
Where can we find seeds? Some grow in flowers, some grow inside or on the outside of fruit. (Show a strawberry and cut open an apple to demonstrate.)
The Bible tells us about seeds. Genesis 1:11&12 says that God made plants grow and each plant has its own special kind of seeds.
God made each plant special. Each kind of plant grows its own special seeds. A strawberry can only grow strawberry seeds and a bean plant can only grow bean plants.
What kind of seeds grow into very big trees? (Show a pinecone and an acorn.) These are seeds that can grow to be trees. An acorn grows to be a very big oak tree. It takes a long time, many years in fact. This pinecone has many seeds inside it. The seeds inside this pinecone could grow a whole forest of trees. What would you need to do to make these seeds grow? You would need to plant them in some soil and you would need to water them!
Jesus told a story about seeds. (Mark 4:3-8) He told about a farmer who went out and planted a lot of seeds. Some of the seeds landed on the road where the ground was hard. Those seeds did not grow. Some birds came along and ate them. Some seeds landed in soil that was full of rocks. These seeds grew but they were not strong because the roots could not grow deep into the ground. Some of the seeds landed in a place where there were too many weeds. They couldn’t grow either. The weeds took all the sunshine and water. But some of the seeds landed in the good soil. This soil was deep and there were no weeds. These seeds grew into good plants that were good to eat and were able to grow lots more seeds. You see! It was very important for the farmer to plant his seeds into a good garden.

lesson plan: God made seeds lesson plan  lesson: God made seeds activity: corn

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