Series: Creation

Theme: Day 4: God made the sun ,moon and stars

Lesson Number: 1 of 4

Lesson Title: God Made the Sun

Lesson Plan: God made the sun -lesson plan  To download and print this entire lesson click on links below.

Lesson Title: God Made the Sun
Bible Verse: Genesis 1:14-19
God said “Let there be lights in the sky to separate the day from the night.” God made two great lights, The greater light for the day and the lesser light for the night. And God saw that it was good.
When we go outside in the daytime, what is the big light that you see in the sky? It is the sun isn’t it! The Bible says that God made the sun to give us light in the daytime. The sun comes up in the morning on one side of the sky and during the day it travels from one side all the way over to the other side of the sky and then at night it goes down. (Illustrate this with a big yellow ball or a balloon or a big poster board circle. Hold it up and walk it across the room.) The daytime is when we can go outside and play. It is bright outside and we can see everything. The sun makes a shadow as well. If we look beside us when we walk outside on a sunny day, our shadow is right beside us. Sometimes our shadow is very long and sometimes it is very short. We can have fun playing “shadow tag.” Sometimes we are having a lot of fun playing outside and mommy says “It’s time to come in now, it’s getting dark. It’s night-time and time for bed.” We might not want to go inside. We want to play some more. We want to finish what we are doing. We want the sun to stay up longer. (Joshua 10) There is a story in the Bible about someone who wanted to finish what he was doing. His name was Joshua. He didn’t want the sun to go down either. He was doing something very important. He and his army were fighting a battle. They needed to win this battle but night was coming and at night they would not be able to see and they would have to stop. So Joshua said to God, “make the sun stand still.” And God listened to Joshua. He made the sun stand still until the battle was finished. The Bible says that there was never another day like this one. (Illustrate again with the ball, walking it to a halfway point, then hold it in the center of the room as you tell the story.)

lesson plan: God made the sun -lesson plan  lesson write-up: God Made The Sun

songs for lesson: SONGS

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