Series: Creation  (lesson for toddlers and preschoolers)

Theme: God made the fish and the birds

Lesson Number: 1 of 4

Lesson Title: God Made Fish

Lesson Plan: God made fish-lesson plan  To download and print this entire lesson, click on links below.

Bible Verse: Genesis 1:20 And God said, “Let the waters be filled with living creatures.”

After God made the SKY and Water and Land, He began to make all kinds of creatures. First He made fish. He said. “Let the waters be filled with living creatures. Have you ever gone to a place where you can see fish swimming? If you go to a fish store or an aquarium or the zoo, you will see fish of every size and color. (Show some examples. Pictures or bring in a fish tank)

(Talk a bit about fishing. Show a fishing pole and a net or a picture of how they fished in Jesus time)

John 21: 1-14 One night Jesus’ friends decided to go fishing. They went out in their boat and all night they worked. They dropped their big net into the water over and over again but by morning they had caught not even one fish. They headed back to the shore. They were tired and hungry. Then just as they were coming close to the shore, they saw Jesus on the shore. Jesus had a fire going and He was cooking some breakfast. He asked them, “Have you caught any fish?”   “No!” they answered. Jesus said, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.” When they did as Jesus told them, they caught so many fish that they were not able to pull it into the boat. Then they had breakfast with Jesus.

Jesus loved His friends very much. He wanted his friends to know that God loved them. God wants everyone to know how much He loves us. That is why He sent His son Jesus.  Jesus shows us how to love. He wanted His special friends to tell others. Jesus said they would be “fishers of men.” We can be fishers of men too when we tell others about Jesus and how much God loves us.

Lesson Plan: God made fish-lesson plan  Lesson write-up: God made fish

Activity page: fish cutouts




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