Jesus is my Rock

Object Lesson: Jesus is my Rock
A ROCK: Talk about rocks. A rock is solid, it is heavy, not easily changed. People use rocks as weights to hold down things that would blow away in a wind storm. It can be used as a paperweight. With a rope attached, a rock can be used as an anchor for a boat. If you throw a rock into a bonfire, it might come out black but it is not burned. Some rocks are very precious gems and precious gems are found in rocks. Caves are places in big rocks where people have often made homes, taken shelter and found safety from the elements.
The Bible says in Psalm 18:2; The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer. My God is my rock in whom I take refuge.
When you trust in God, He is like that rock that does not change and where you can find security and safety.

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God is my Help

Object lesson: God is my Help
TAPE A CHOCOLATE BAR TO THE WALL TOO HIGH TO REACH: Ask someone if they would like to have that chocolate bar. They would need a “boost” in order to reach it. Ask another child to give them a “boost.”
In the same way we need a boost from God in order to accomplish good things in our life. Psalm 54:4; Surely God is my Help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.

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Washed by the Word

Object Lesson: Washed by the Word
One of the first things one does for a newborn infant is washing it. Often children resist washing. They don’t like getting wet or scrubbed. They don’t want to leave their play to go have a bath or to wash their hands. Sometimes they don’t care if they are dirty. But Mom cares. She loves the child and will insist on the washing. A child that is clean and smells nice is preferable to one that is left in a dirty diaper. And so begins a whole lifetime of many washings with water. We wash in order to be presentable.
The Bible tells us about washing as well. One story tells how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples . In Ephesians 5, the Bible tells us that we are washed by the Word to make us presentable to God. The Word works on us to change us. It helps us to remove bad habits and attitudes and sins. God wants us to have His character.

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Object Lesson: What is your Priority
A JAR, ROCKS AND RICE: Prepare the jar ahead of time with a few big stones and fill with rice. Then bring the empty jar and the rice and stones in separate container.
This jar represents your day. The rocks represent the things of God, ie. Prayer, Bible reading, Going to church. The rice represents other things in you day, ie. play, computer time, watching T.V. Talk about the things you do on a daily basis. What comes first in your list of important things. Is it watching your favorite show on TV, playing your favorite video game? Is it school or homework. These are important! When you put the regular things into the jar first, (name them as you pour rice into the jar) then the things of God won’t fit. (when you have put all the rice into the jar and then try to fit the rocks in, they won’t all go in) But when you first put in the things of God,(Name them as you put them in) then the other things, (the rice) will fill in the spaces. The Bible says to “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matthew 6:33)

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Your words are like Seeds

Object Lesson: Your Words are like Seed
SEEDS: Bring a variety of seeds
There are many sizes and shapes of seeds. Some are so small you can barely see them. They each grow into their individual kinds of plants. Some seeds grow into very big plants, some become fruits and vegetables that are very good for us. Some seeds become weeds or even poisonous plants. When you plant a seed you may not be able to dig it up again. You don’t see the plant right away, but after a while the plant will appear.
Our words are like seeds. When you plant them you can’t take them back. Our words can be uplifting, encouraging, critical, dishonest, truthful, wise or foolish. Our words affect us and other people. Be aware of what you say!

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Creation of Man

Object Lesson: Man, a Created Being
A LUMP OF CLAY OR PLAY-DOUGH: To illustrate creation of man. Man is unique, made in the image of God from the dust of the earth. God made a perfect man. Sin distorted man. When you are working with clay, it is at first hard, cold and stiff. But as you work with it, the warmth of your hands will make it pliable.
Jeremiah sees God as a “potter” who molds and shapes us into what He wants us to be.
As we allow God in His love, to work in us to mold us, we will become soft and pliant. We will take the shape that God designs for us.
Sin in our lives will distort the creation that God intended. Sin will separate us from God.
Away from the warmth of our hands, the clay becomes stiff and difficult to mold. It easily breaks into pieces.
Just in the same way when we separate ourselves from God’s hand on us, we become stiff and brittle and can easily be broken.
When we stay close to God and His love, He will mold us according to His good plan for us

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Gospel means “Good News”

Object Lesson: “Gospel” means Good News
A NEWSPAPER: In a newspaper one can read about what is going on in our community and in the world. Sometimes the information is good news and sometimes it is bad news. Generally people enjoy reading good news. The Bible is the News about what God is doing. It is the Gospel which means “Good News.” It is the Good News about Jesus and what He has done for us.
Follow this up with some stories and examples of things Jesus did. You could pretend to read a newspaper article about one of the miracles of Jesus.
You could have children write up “Newspaper Articles” about Jesus and have them read them.

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You are the Light of the World

Object Lesson: You are the Light of the World
A LIGHT BULB: use a small lamp with a bare bulb and place it near an electrical outlet. Don’t plug it in.
This light bulb gives no light. It has the potential to give light but it cannot give light until it is plugged into an energy source.
If we are going to be the light of the world as the Bible says, then we must be plugged into the power source. The power source for us is The Word of God.
It is the Word of God that brings light and understanding to others around us. We have the potential of sharing that Word but first we must have a knowledge and understanding of the Word and ways of God. That is why we need to read the Bible and spend time getting to know God. That is how we stay “plugged in.”

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Illustrate the Spirit of God in us:

Object Lesson to illustrate God’s Spirit in us

Part 1

A GLOVE: God breathed into man to give him life.
Show a glove. Talk about it, shake it. The glove is not able to do anything by itself.
When you put your hand in it, the glove does whatever your hand does.
This is like the human being. God formed man from the dust of the earth, but man did not become a “living soul” until god breathed LIFE into him. It is the life from God that gives us the ability to do anything.
A hand in a glove represents God in us. We can do anything when God empowers us.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

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Part 2

You will need two identical balloons. One is filled with air the other is filled with helium. Attach a length of string to each. Hold both balloons in your hand by the stems and show them to the class. Talk about them comparing size, color etc. The two balloons look identical. We cannot see any significant difference until we let them go. What makes them different is what is inside them. Helium inside it will make one balloon rise to the ceiling and the other will simply fall to the ground. We recognize the difference because of what they do.
In the Bible there were various characters that were recognized to have the Spirit of God in them. These rose above their peers because of their actions. Joseph was acknowledged by the Egyptian Pharaoh and was made second in command in the land. Daniel was recognized by King Nebuchadnezzar and was elevated above all the other wise men in the land. Caleb was said to have a “different spirit.”
The Spirit of God in us should be evident by our actions to those around us.

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Part 3

Stay in Touch
Have group choose a partner. Partners need to face each other holding hands up but not quite touching. One of the pair them must begin to move their hands around. The other partner must follow the movements as closely as they can.
Next the pair is asked to touch their hands together and repeat the exercise. Then compare situations.
When out of touch, it can become very difficult to follow each other. When touching, it is easy to follow another’s moves accurately. In fact, when you are in touch, it is difficult to tell who is leading.
A Christian is to be led by the Spirit of God. We need to stay close to God in order to be led by Him and the closest we can be is to have His Spirit in us. Then we become one with Him and it becomes very natural to be led by Him.

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