Object Lessons

An object lesson is a short teaching using an everyday object or example. People learn by using their senses. When you teach using a variety and number of senses, the students are better able to learn. Object lessons give you opportunity to engage the student in using two or more of their senses to learn a concept. Jesus frequently used object lessons. Jesus used a fig tree, fish, sheep, money, wheat, a child.
One can find object lesson ideas in books. There are many good ones. But most object lessons are to be found everywhere around us in everyday objects and situations. In fact, looking for object lessons in everyday life, is a good exercise in learning to see God everywhere. The reason we teach is to help children to recognize and know God.

Some suggestions to get you started: Each Object lesson can be downloaded and printed

1 Illustrate the Spirit of God in us:

2 You are the Light of the World: using a light bulb

3 Gospel means “Good News”: using a newspaper

4 Creation of Man: using play-dough

5 Your words are like Seeds

6 Priorities: using a jar, rice and rocks

7 Washed by Word: using a pan of water and a facecloth

8 God is my Help: using a chocolate bar and tape

9 Jesus is my Rock

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