Sample Lessons

Isaiah 40:11                                                                                                                                                     Like a shepherd He will tend His flock, In His arm He will gather the lambs and carry them in His bosom.

I originally put together the series of lessons called “WHO IS JESUS” for an after school program. There are 40 lessons under 10 themes in the series. They were designed to be taught one lesson per week from Sept. through June.I trust they will be a help and a blessing to you and to those you teach.

Series: Who Is Jesus?  

Theme: Jesus Does Miracles (September)

Theme: Jesus is the Creator (October)

Theme: Jesus is the Word Made Flesh (November)

Theme: Jesus is The Son Of God (December)

Theme: Jesus is The Son Of Man (January)

Theme: Jesus is The Teacher (February)

Theme: Jesus, the Lamb of God  (March)

Theme: Jesus is Alive  (April)

Theme: Jesus is my Friend  (May)

Theme: Jesus; The Coming King  (June )

If you have enjoyed these lessons please also explore some of my other pages. Toddler Truths are lessons designed for young children, Teen Talks  are short lessons designed for you to have open discussions with young people. I will continue to add and update pages so please check in often.


29 thoughts on “Sample Lessons

  1. Thank you, Ann
    I found them very helpful, every single lesson i read.
    I am a new Sunday school teacher (handling 3 year olds) in Nigeria. i should be able to apply them.
    Coincidentally, my name is Ann too.


  2. We praise the Lord for using you and making you a blessing to many kids. We are so blessed to have this material. May the Lord help you to write more.


  3. It is such a great blessing and very helpful indeed by looking and reading through your page…Thanking you so much for the tremendous ideas…May our Good Lord Bless


  4. Praise God! i came across your web. your materials are such a great blessing in our children ministry. Thank you.


  5. i am frank from Uganda,Kisoro District and teach Sunday school – it is wonderful to minister to little ones. Jesus does not want any of the to perish and they are a church of today.


  6. Thank you so much for this information i am a sunday school teacher. I am now entering into my second
    semester. This is my first time interacting with the children so this information is very helpful for me.


  7. Hi Ann, You are ministering the whole world kids not only in your area,…… I am Jery, serving Jesus in children Ministry in Ethiopia. your material helped me a lot. God bless you!
    Jery Black


  8. thank you for this lesson. I will use it for my sunday school.

    I am a sunday school teacher at Presybeterian Church in SUVA,Fiji.



  9. Be blessed l love it,they are good for children and you made it easier for teachers l believe they will help a lot. I m a Sunday school teacher in NAIROBI Kenya.


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