Toddler Truths

Toddler Truth Lessons: Creation Series:
These lessons ( see Sample ) are designed for young learners. They can be adapted for preschool age level. The time frames on the lesson plans will fill approximately one and a half to two hours but please customize to meet the requirements for your class.
For a toddler the whole world is a classroom. Toddlers are naturally curious about everything around them. The Creation Series will help you and your students to explore the wonders of God’s creation. When the children experience in each lesson, some of the amazing gifts of this creation, they can begin to see and understand God’s love and provision for them.
Whether your teaching opportunity is in a church room, your home, backyard or a neighborhood park, please download and customize these lessons for use in your particular classroom. I trust they will be a blessing to you and to those you teach. Have Fun!


Lessons 1-4  Day 1 – God Made Light Appear

Lessons 5-8  Day 2 – God made the Sky

Lessons 9-12  Day 3 – God Made Land and Vegetation

Lessons 13 -16  Day 4- God Made the Sun, Moon and Stars

Lessons 17-20  Day 5 – God Made the Fish and the Birds

Lessons 21-24 Day 6 – God Made All Creatures and God made man

Lessons 25-28 Day 7 – God Saw all He made and it was very good. (coming soon)

6 thoughts on “Toddler Truths

  1. Dear Ann

    Thank you so much for this creation lessons its really clear and exciting for the children…i know my children and also my sunday school children will love it…thanks so much..May God bless you more..Stay bless


  2. Dear Ann

    i am B. Hena Palay, Jr. from Liberia i bless God ever so much for you and i give praises to His Holy name for the wisdom that He give you. This lesson is so essential to us. It will actually help build the children up biblical. I am the Children Teacher from the Manifest Christ World Outreach Ministries In Liberia Paynesville City.

    Thanks every so much!


  3. Hi

    going to use this from home – mommy that is trying to teach her babies and make God a daily part and central part of our lives.


  4. Praise God Ann, am Tina from Uganda and i bless God for what you came up with because when i began having the passion of teaching Sunday school early this year the question that came into my mind was how will i do it? but thank God i Googled and found out your lessons, which made my work so easy. May the almighty God bless you.


  5. Hi Ann.

    Thank you very much for this very user friendly sample lessons. Your website is a great blessing for us. God bless you more. 🙂


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