Sunday School Lessons – Made Easy



What do I teach? Where do I find ideas?

How do I organize my class, my time?

Do I need to include crafts, games snacks?


Don’t Panic. Here are some resources that will help you get started!

Check out the sample lessons located HERE which include downloadable PDF lesson plans, material, pictures, and more!

I will be adding new lessons and tips on a regular basis, so check back often.I am currently developing a series of lessons on creation for toddlers. For a toddler the whole world is a classroom. Toddlers are naturally curious about everything around them. The Creation Series will help you and your students to explore the wonders of God’s creation. When the children experience in each lesson, some of the amazing gifts of this creation, they can begin to see and understand God’s love and provision for them.

If you teach teens, you might want to try the Teen Talk  series. This series looks at Bible leaders and some principles teens can learn from them to help them be successful in life.

30 thoughts on “Sunday School Lessons – Made Easy

  1. Awesome Ann! This is just awesome! It needs to go viral ! The site is easy to read and very inviting!
    This is the kind of information that people who love the children’s ministry need to have and it’s right here
    available for anyone. There’s a lot of stuff out in the market place but this is the best! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Anne this is fabulous.It is good to see that have started something very valuable for children’s ministry. Looking forward to seeing more of your materials.


  3. This is amazing! I’m sure it will help a lot of people.
    What a wonderful resource for teachers to be to
    learn from in a straight forward, user friendly way.


  4. Hi are such a blessing! This is so great and so timely, as a new Pastor over the Children and Youth Ministry, this has been very helpful and encouraging. We can have so many thoughts, but to be shown how to organize it and teach it with simplisty is awesome. Thank you for fulfilling your calling and keep going, can’t wait to read the other lessons….blessings
    Pastor Maria


  5. Hi Anne, this is really a great blessing.
    As a missionary to a new field this has been a great help.
    Thanks and blessings
    Pastor Kristin


  6. chuldren for christ uganda. Ann that is great work keep up,as for us we have already adopted the aproach.
    Good reword you abundantly


  7. hi Ann thanks so much i was to take over a bible class on sunday and i did not know what to teach you help me a lot


  8. Praise the the lord, i am pastor Noah wanyonyi from Kenya, i really like children ministry, and i have been trying teaching them for sometime now, but the only problem i have been facing is materials.

    I am blessed to come across your website and fine powerful materials that can be of a great help to the children.its my prayer and desire that God may connect us together and help this children to grow up in the ways of God.

    In Kenya many Churches have concentrated, on Bible school, Man ministry, Youth Women etc, but Children have been totally forgotten, its so rare to find a Sunday school programme or training, you Children in Kenya are growing up without having a foundation of the word of God.

    Man of God do you have any written material that you can help us use to teach sunday school teachers ?, i thought if we can teach the teachers, then they teach out children, the tomorrows church will be successful, we will be putting a strong foundation of tomorrows church, i am so challenged by the muslims, they teach their children when they are very young and when they grow up its not easy to challenge his faith.

    God bless you and keep you, I will be so happy to hear from you.

    Pastor Noah from Kenya.

    Ministry of peace church.
    Box 2972 Eldoret.
    Phone +254727553741.


  9. BABRA

    God bless you abundantlly for that wonderful work of guiding me on how to reach children Ann .I am eagerly waiting to be empowered more more.


  10. hi Ann,i teach sunday school at katlehong baptist church(south africa).this very helpful.may God continue blessing you.


  11. Woow, I thank you so much Ann for sharing such wonderful bible lessons for children with us. This is really a great blessings to me. I am presently studying for a Bible course and have started a faith-based organisation which provides bible lessons and child support for children living in desperate circumstances. As Julie Hunter mentioned, this must really go viral to spread the Word of God to young children around the world to equip and empower them to be great leaders of tomorrow. My organisation will definitely download this lessons and use them to provide friendly lessons for our kids. We are so proud of you my dear sister for been so generous in sharing such good work of the Lord. May God bless you as you as you continue to glorify His name.

    In Christ


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