Series: Lessons From Leaders

4 lessons from Abraham The stories of Abraham can be found in Genesis 11:26 to Genesis 25

For the following lessons from Abraham, I would recommend that students refer to some maps of Bible times and Bible lands. To really understand the history of the Children of Israel and the Jewish nation, we need to go back to their roots. It begins with Abraham and the land where he lived. As they study the stories of Abraham and follow the path he traveled, students will be able to answer the following questions: What and where is the “Promised Land”?  Who did God promise it to and who is included in the promise? Who is the “Seed of Abraham”? How does God Bless the entire world through Abraham?

Download and print these lessons by clicking on the following links.

Lesson # 1: ABRAHAM Friend of God

Lesson # 2: ABRAHAM is unselfish

Lesson #3: Abraham asks for God’s mercy

Lesson # 4: A son for Abraham

Coming soon: 4 lessons from Jacob

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